Schools are “gorging” on tech?

I’ve been reading through someones blog called Rory Cellen-Jones, who back in January before his blog went dark made a post about schools gorging on gadgets. I thought I’d give my own personal response to this. I think that with the way technology is going, schools need to be adapting more to technology and trying to get enough so that 2-3 students per class can get an iPad or a Raspberry Pie (tiny computer) to use to help with learning. Teachers are always telling students to look for the answer if they don’t know something, but looking in a book only takes up time when you could simply tap a few keys and get the exact answer you wanted, instead of trawling through the book for quarter of an hour trying to find the information you need. I admit, maybe schools are going a little overboard on the idea, however I still think they’ve made a step in the right direction by going the technology way instead of sticking to purely pen and paper. Computers can usually also help speed up the amount of time it takes to write an essay and if you were to make a mistake, on the computer you can delete it and it will look like it never was there, whereas with a pen and paper you have to make really ugly crossings out. Even if you were to use a pencil, there will always be that small stain left by what the rubber couldn’t remove. Also, seen as technology is constantly moving forward and more and more people are taking it up, teachers need to show the children about it so they can adapt into society and get a job like all other normal people.

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