ICT Project – World of Warcraft

  • Project

The topic of my project regards the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) World of Warcraft, promoting its use and attempting to draw others in to playing the game.

I chose this topic as I play the game myself and believe it to be one of the best games available on the market today.

For this project I used Microsoft PowerPoint to display all information. I used Google Chrome to research most of the information included, and I used World of Warcraft to take in-game screenshots.

I used the screenshot feature included in World of Warcraft for my project. I also used many features and functions within Microsoft PowerPoint, such as formatting text into short bullet pointed sections for easy reading. Also, I used the many different animation options that integrate one slide or section to the next, making the overall appearance of the PowerPoint professional and modern. Within Google Chrome I navigated to various websites and regularly used the ‘Find’ tool that allowed me to scan a webpage for specific words or phrases, helping me find exactly what I wanted to include into my project.

  • Research

The information from my project came from websites such as http://www.battle.net, http://www.wikipedia.com and http://www.wikia.com.

The website http://www.battle.net was good to use in my project as it’s the official World of Warcraft website. I knew all information from this website (except for perhaps the player submitted comments on the forums) would be totally reliable and fit for use in my project. Wikipedia contains a webpage specifically for World of Warcraft, which contains a vast array of information ranging from when the game first began to much more modern periods. All information used from Wikipedia was checked with other sources before use in my project, as it is easy to create a Wikipedia account and edit information displayed on the webpage – something that anybody could do, and therefore the information could potentially be invalid.

During my project I used the World of Warcraft logo, which is permitted for general use and was perfectly acceptable for what I was doing. I used screenshots from the in-game world which is promoted by Blizzard Entertainment (who created World of Warcraft), and therefore these screenshots did not face any copyright infringement. The text I used was either my own or from websites that permit the use of using their documentation.

  • Review

When creating my project, the formatting of text and slides went very well. I created one slide with the desired font and formatting, complete with headings and a footer, and then duplicated this slide multiple times. After doing so, it was then an easier task to input information and images, and then edit the slide animations for a more professional presence.

It was difficult to accumulate the screenshots that are included in the PowerPoint. It took me a long time to travel around the in-game world and collect screenshots that I was happy with, as they would need to be the correct colour to match the text being used over the screenshots, as if they were similar colours the text would be unreadable. This process did not go so well.

I am very familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint and I believe this made it easier for me to create the project in it’s entirety.

Between my first and final draft many changes were made. The text was made to be more abrupt in shorter bullet point formats, allowing for an easy read and an approachable look. Additionally, I added slide transitions and animations between my final project and my draft project, which made the PowerPoint much more professional. I also used the feature included in Microsoft PowerPoint that allows the user to make the background of an image transparent, which I used on the World of Warcraft logo and then included a landscape screenshot behind the logo, giving the opening slide of the PowerPoint a fantastic look and immersive feel – much like the game itself.

I made these changes as I was not satisfied with the look of the PowerPoint originally, and decided that more could be done to enhance it and integrate slides more, getting rid of the stop-start feel without animations.

If I had more time to spend on my project, I would love to introduce video clips that would be played automatically displaying the game and it’s many features. If possible, I would even record myself playing the game with a voice over of what I was doing and explain the features and the different aspects of the game at a level that anybody could understand what I meant, explaining all terms used.

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