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I solved 4 typical problems that happen when users don’t know how to use word. I solved changing the language for a customer from English to Welsh, changed the spell check from English (US) to English (UK). I was able to make a text wrap around a table for a customer I was also able to solve a problem where a customer had breaks in different places. Different methods used in the process of solving the problem were Googling asking different people around the class and also the help menu.The easy part was after finding the problem fixing it. The hard part was recreating the problem.The parts I made mistakes on was assuming the problem was something else than what it was over, complicating things, and just going over the problem. The different emotions I went through were surprising I was happy when you get to the answer right and also frustration when the answer is right there you just have to find it. The task was meant to develop a variety of different skills like problem solving  and communication with the customer (Leia) and it also developed our word skills being able to do all of these things. I think this helped incredibly well it allowed us more time to experiment and get the right answers. Other way to develop these skills is to do it in real time with real customers. I need to learn how to locate the problems easier and make sure that they are clearly answered.

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