Problem Solving Task

For this Wednesday’s task we were given example problems that a tech support team might be called in to fix, and tasked to find a solution. I was given a problem in which a client was attempting to align his text into columns with a uniform spacing, , he had done this manually using spaces, and when the text size changed the text lost alignment. The client used very basic language to describe the fault and so the first task was discerning the problem. once I had figured this out, I attempted to find a solution. My first attempt was to use columns to split the text, but this did not allow the text to be split as needed. I then suggested a table. While this would work, it was not the intended way to display the information. I then researched other ways and found that the tabs options allowed for setting all tab spacing to a certain point, which was the best solution.

This task was meant to develop problem solving and interpretation skills as well as research skills. It made us think as a tech support technician would.

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One Response to Problem Solving Task

  1. cdineenitec says:

    Nice work Chris, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who struggled a little.

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