Work experience interview

I had an interview at Davies Ingram and Harvey solicitors; this is what I thought of the interview.

I think that my appearance and first impressions were very good because I dressed to their dress code and took everything that was needed and more to the interview. I think that my body language was good because I was really interested in the work placement and I wanted to make a good impression.

One thing I thought that didn’t go so well was when Paula asked “do you know what our company does?” I didn’t really know much about the company, which I should have looked at before the interview. That has taught me a lesson, in an interview you need to be prepared for whatever is asked.

At the interview Paula gave me a brief overview of what the company does, my role and what my duties will be.

The company helps people to write a will and also deals with probate and conveyancing.

My role is business admin and the duties I will be doing are:

  • Managing incoming and outgoing mail
  • Scanning and copying documents
  • Working with their system Osprey
  • Handling archived files
  • Sorting and giving the Fee Earners their work for the day.


I think I could build on this placement by really going for it, I am willing to learn and you never know the placement could turn into a job or apprenticeship and that could be my future in their hands.

Overall I think the interview went well and hope good things come out from it.

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