How to write a good ticket

To write a good ticket you need to be able to understand even the most vague of reports and be able to assess and trouble shoot and come up with as many theories as you can from, Turning it off the on again to rebooting the OS and you go ether in order of importance or which ever is easiest.

You also need good literacy skills to be able record you steps just in case it were to fail again you have a report and if the customer said something is different you have a record of what you did so you can go back and check to see what you have done.

Also in some companies they have different lines of support 1st and 2nd line supports so the first line support will open the ticket this allow the first line support to try solving the problem they usually get 30-45 mins to find a solution if they cant do it the raise the ticket to second line support the importance of your ticket can be crucial as they determines the speed in which the second line can solve the problem.

To Write a good ticket some people but down times if they are taking a long time to do so. So the time will indicate the how long you have spent on the problem but also the severity of the problem if it takes 10 minuets or if it takes 4 days the ticket will record every thing.

Untitled Infographic

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