Technology in Sport (Archery)

When it comes to Archery, I always wanted to try it, yet never truly got around to doing so. However, I never really thought about the current Bow and Arrow technology.(There are many different kinds of bow, such as a 25# Recurve is different to a 30# Recurve, but I’ll talk about them the same) Why would I, I just assumed it was a curved stick with string and another stick that you pull on the string with to shoot, but its far more than that. I learned the different between a Recurve bow and a Compound bow (Crossbows won’t we talked about here). Their main difference is when you pull back on the string of a Recurve bow, it gets harder to pull back the more you pull, whereas with a Compound bow, it actually gets easier to pull the further back you bring the string (downside being that its quite difficult to actually begin to draw back the string, given how the pulley works.) A Recurve bow can generally fire at a maximum range of 60 – 80 Meters, unless you have an incredibly ramped up (and insanely expensive) Custom Recurve, which I believe can shoot up to 130 Meters without risking damaging the bow (and user! Fired wrong, a bows string has enough tension in it to slice clean through your thumb if you fire it like an idiot). A Compound bow, due to the pulley system, generally has FAR more force than the Recurve, allowing it to fire further.  A Compound bow can roughly shoot a maximum of 150 Meters if aimed at the perfect angle, but (recurve too) at its max distance it won’t have much force behind it, so don’t expect it to go slamming through 2 Inch thick metal plates.

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