ITEC and Pisys Reflection

Well, all in all I believe that I’ve enjoyed working in ITEC and think I’ve gained far more knowledge than I previously had in all aspects in IT, not just problem solving which I came here to do. After all, I’ve learned that CCleaner and Malwarebytes are not the one and only fix all! I also learned about how different amounts of RAM or the type of CPU can have serious effects on how a computer can perform and what kind of Operating System it can run, such as Windows 7 64x Bit or a 32x Bit. Although from time to time I make a few mistakes, I think that ITEC has really helped me to correct these and have helped me grow into a better IT Technician. Although in all honesty I still have a VERY long way to go before I’m capable to go out into the working world. For Pisys.Net (where I went for Work Experience) I think I went into the deep end too early. I didn’t really know enough to be of much use and it took a lot of effort for everybody to find tasks that I could actually do. I also think that, despite not being able to do some of the work they set me (I still curse the day I was given an Excel Powermap to do) I think that the bits and bobs that I actually managed to perform made an incredible difference on how well I can work in the workplace and also made a huge impact on everything I currently know about IT. I went to ITEC and Pisys thinking I knew enough to get by in a work enviroment. Good god was I wrong and with any luck and a lot of concentration, I’ll be able to get through this with enough knowledge to work at a respectable standard.

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2 Responses to ITEC and Pisys Reflection

  1. Stella says:

    I can see that you have lots of determination Connor, so I’m sure you will succeed. Lots of consistent effort will get you where you want to be.

  2. Leia says:

    Good, honest reflective account. We’ll work on this now in a more staged approach to improve both IT and employabilty skills.

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