Welsh Technology

Hi its Luke again

I think rugby is becoming a technical game, as in using technology. The international game is the leader in modern technology. One of the technologies commonly used is GPS to make see what players are doing what distances on the field.

One of the most modern pieces of tech is a microchip that the Welsh Team started to wear the relays the information to a windows pc. This helps to show if players have had concussion during the game. The information can be collected in welsh through Microsoft downloads.

Moving on from rugby and the new Microsoft windows 10 software, I noticed that its the first piece of software that can be activated in welsh the first Microsoft ton do it without the downloaded version.

another cool bit of kit is the royal welsh app available in Welsh and English. ( sioe ) it is an app based on giving users a information on what things happen on what days. also there is a video replay of the things that occurred from the previous days.


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