Back to the Future: Swing and a miss, perhaps?

A large amount of technology was suggested by BTTF II, however not all of it was entirely accurate. They suggested multiple different technology’s, ranging from flying cars to pizza hydrators and even ripping off your face to look younger. Some of what they proposed weren’t actually too far from the mark, such as hover boards being a real thing at the moment-albeit it only works in a special magnetized skate park, but it stills works! Another thing they weren’t that far from were the glasses Marty is seen using. Although not quite like it, there have been decent attempts at it with Google Glass and the Oculus both sharing its similarities. They also predicted drones to become a big thing that could walk your dog for you, and whereas it may not be that big of a reality yet, there’s still a video on Vimeo that shows someone plotting a route and remotely monitoring the drone from home. When it comes to what they missed though, it was surprisingly accurate for a 1989 production. They only missed a few things, them being: Self drying clothes, face ripping technology and pizza rehydrators.

Self drying clothes may not be a thing at the moment, however there are currently engineers who are working on integrating electronics into clothing, so that should come along quite well in all due time, and for possibly one of the biggest disappointments in food future predictions: Pizza rehydrators. So many people were looking forwards to being able to buy a dozen of these, pop of them in rehydrator and have a dozen full sized pizzas, but sadly, these things just don’t seem to be going to happen for at least a while. Finally, and what I think they were miles off course with, comes down to health care. You guessed it, ripping your face off for a more youthful look. Of course, you could just get a Botox injection, or even a chemical peel which is basically what the Doc does, but I don’t think its ready for everyday, on the fly use.

Now, funnily enough, we move onto something they didn’t predict: Smartphones!

Of all the things they didn’t predict! I guess they weren’t planning to have a smartphone in their pockets in the future, but I suppose seen as this was in 1989, I can see why they didn’t predict it.

When it came to the “Fax machines will be everywhere!” bit, I can see why they thought of that, purely because email just wasn’t there at the time, so they thought that Fax’s were the way forwards. Evidently not, but still, it was a valid theory.

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