Back to the future


  1. What Tech was proposed?

Hydrating food, video call, 3D movies, self tying shoes, hover boards, Wearable technology, hands free gaming,   tablet computers, finger print recognition and flying cars power clothing, Time travel, weather predictions, Drones

  1. What came closest?

3D Movies, Video Call, Hands free gaming, Tablet computers, finger print Recognition, wearable technology and tablet computers.

  1. What is still the furthest away?

Time travel

  1. What did they not manage to predict at all which outstrips it?

Smart phones, Gay marriage

  1. Why were they so far out do you think? (What technologies were still brand new at the time? What things hadn’t been invented yet that we use every day)

I think that technology now has been moulded sort off by back to the future it sort of gave us something to go for something to achieve

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