City of Sanctuary Meeting

From the meeting, I remember the different status’ given to different types of people that come here from a foreign country. There is a large difference between an Illegal Immigrant and a Refugee. The differences are that Illegal Immigrants, obviously, come here illegally and do not declare themselves to the home office. A Refugee is someone who has undergone the Asylum Seekers process and has been accepted into the country, but they are not allowed to work etc. One thing that truly did surprise me was the video that I have linked below. I really wasn’t expecting the video to be portraying people running to South Africa to be treated that way.

In my opinion, although it isn’t the nicest, I think that Refugees, although definitely should be allowed to work, not be able to work in the exact job they want. Say for instance, if they wanted to work as a shelf stacker. The NHS is incredibly short of Doctors, so why not train the Refugee to become a Doctor and be far more useful. If they’re coming into the country to request protection, then they could be very useful while they’re here, and gain a valuable skill for when they eventually go back home.

This is the video they showed us.

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