Refugee Workshop

Today we took part in a Refugee Workshop in this we discussed what the meaning of different terms that the media use to describe refugees and immigrants. The most important thing I can remember is that people that are refugees can be split up from there families and then are not aloud to see them. If you get off you have to claim for asylum in the country you get off at. The surprising thing about today is learning that you cant have a job if you are a refugee so the stigma of refugees coming over and stealing our jobs is completely false and the most surprising thing I have taken away from today is that immigrants are just moved around from place with no warning and they can be but in prisons.I think that the most important thing to think about is that they are people and we don’t see the people we just see the words immigrant and refugee and don’t see faces they just go through a system that we don’t see.

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  1. Leia says:

    Really thoughtful post, well done.

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