A Book that I’ve recently read.

Well. I suppose this isn’t one of the easiest tasks I’ve ever gotten seen as how terrible my memory is, but when I read a good book, I can quite easily recall some of the best bits.  I still remember the story line and ending to a series of books I read around 5 years ago, and I’ve read a LOT of books in between then to nullify my memory further (I’d reckon around 2000 books or so, given the series I read was one of the first, and when leaving school, I checked how many books I’d taken out with them. It was around 1600.)

Anyways, enough of me rambling on, time to dive into the actual book! Alone: Chasers. Now, this wasn’t an easy book to find, seen as I continuously mixed the second and the third book in the series together, like Survivor: Quarantine. It took me a few google pages, but I eventually found it. Anyways, the book is about a survivor named Jesse who comes from Australia, but is currently on holiday with a university group. However, the holiday goes awry and thanks to him being in a subway, survivors a peculiar bomb that turns everyone into… things. Jesse, along with his friends Dave, Anna and Mini drag themselves out from the heavily damaged train as the only survivors. On the surface, they come across a group of chasers that have blood dripping from their chin.  Upon seeing them, its eyes light up and the chase begins. Together when attempting to escape the lone chaser, they dive through a shattered window into a clothing shop, where Jesse slices his hand open on the glass. While hiding underneath the counter top, Anna notices the cut and finds the stores first aid kit. While patching him up, Jesse begins to attempt to confess his feelings to Anna, when the chaser slams into the door, forcing them to flee once more.

Still with me so far? Good to see your as interested in the story as I was. Or at least can be bothered to grit your teeth and get through this! (There’s a sizable chunk more)

After eventually managing to escape the lone chaser, they come across a building called Rock 30, a huge hotel built to hold thousands of people. They climb to the 72nd floor and barricade the stairwell with everything from the floor below them. For the next few nights, they explore the hotel, finding loads of ice cream and food, also eating as much of it as possible every night with Mini being sick one time. On the third night of scavenging, they find a Glock 19 pistol, which Dave gets to keep. Eventually, they decide to go exploring for better clothes and medical supplies outside, where Dave and Jesse promptly run into a chaser with a broken ankle with dried blood on its chin, slowly limping its way towards them. Panicking, Dave draws the gun, cocks it, turns the safety off, but stalls on the trigger. At a hasty shout of fear comes from Anna, who suddenly appears behind them, Dave fires the gun and kills the chaser, then heaves into the gutter. Fast forward a day or two, they catch word of a large group of survivors down at the docks, and agree to head over to them. Upon leaving, they run smack bang into a large group of the infected but… They don’t care about them. Turns out, there was a difference between infected. Once they’ve drunken blood, that’s all they will ever drink, and they’ll kill to get it from you. Ones that haven’t yet drunk blood, are completely docile and even have a mild form of intellect, but they will drink anything, hence why they turn into chasers. After the scary encounter with the non-chasers, they begin they’re journey once again, but then their luck turns sour and they hit a horde of around 30 chasers. Jesse, Dave, Anna and Mini begin to run, however, Jesse has been keeping a secret from himself. Dave, Anna and Mini are actually dead, and were dead inside of the subway car that entire time. Having finally accepted this, he yells to the “Catch you at the docks!” and bolts off in the other direction to them. Its a sad, but satisfying end to the first book in the series.

Hope you managed to get through this in one go without getting too bored, whether you were enjoying or gritting your teeth, thanks for reading. I’ll make a separate blog post about the second and third when I have time.

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2 Responses to A Book that I’ve recently read.

  1. Stella says:

    Did this series of books first start your enjoyment of reading or have you always been an avid reader? Despite it being 5 years ago this book has remained in your memory well – what about more recent books, can you remember them as well as this one?

    • cdineenitec says:

      Its not even just the book I remember, its about 7 books long and I remember the base storyline and ending to all of them. It wasn’t the first series I had read, but after that series I went turned into a serious bookaholic.

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