Writing about how something went. A chance for me to talk about D&D!

Dungeons and Dragons (I’ll refer to this as D&D) is a board game RPG dice rolling game that is incredibly fun after the first few minutes of boredom of creating a new character. After you do that though, let the fun begin! About a week or so ago, a group of friends and I decided to start a new campaign because there wasn’t enough of us there that night to warrant continuing with the current, so I decided to create a Half Orc Barbarian named Thokk. After I created the character, I discovered my friend Jack made an incredibly powerful human that hates Half Orcs. Once the campaign started, we all woke up in restraints and I had a friendly tarantula that I named Fluffy. It was at this point I discovered Jacks character (Tim Timothy of Tottingham) hates spiders as well. When my character got up to greet everyone, Tim promptly stormed up to me and booted me in the chest. After the kick fight was over (somehow, my incredibly beefy Half Orc lost to a Human) the high priestess of the Draugh (very evil, insults to normal people are compliments to them) walked in, and I tried to seduce her into letting us go. On a D20, if you roll a 1, its considered a crit fail and whatever your doing, including combat (yes, you can accidentally kill a teammate like this) and rolling a 20 is called a nat 20, giving you double dice to roll for damage, or a guaranteed success in whatever action you were performing. Anyways… I tried to seduce her and… Well I rolled a 2, so instead of seducing her, I accidentally insulted her. As a Half Orc Barbarian, my base HP is 15. Tims kick fight brought me down to 7, and the High Priestess is around level 8. Of course, upon insulting this evil creature, she got incredibly angry and backhanded me. Her backhand did a whopping total of 29 damage, instantly killing me by snapping my neck, much to the amusement of my friends and I. Due to this being the very beginning of the campaign, our DM brought me back to life by having the Priestess revive her prisoner with Praise for the Dying. Promptly after waking up (I’d been revived, but unconscious for 4 hours due to… You know… Dying.) I crawled into the corner on 1HP and cuddled with Fluffy the tarantula. Jack had to restrain his character Tim from kicking me because he’d knock me unconscious if he did, due to any attack performed must deal a minimum of 1 dmg if it lands. A few hours later, I’m back to 8HP and we manage to escape the cells by me showing off my muscles and shattering the restraints on me by tensing my arms, then repeatedly going around smashing everyone elses into dust. While the Draugh performed a sacrifice on one of their own for betraying them, we somehow managed to sneak into their armory after I crit failed at sneaking, fell over and brought myself down to 3HP by bashing my face against a metal candle holder. Our time ran out and we had to pack up for the night, however good GOD was it fun, I couldn’t stop laughing through that since we started the kick fight. Thanks for gritting your teeth and making your way through this.

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