Project on Tryweryn

I have completed a project on the Tryweryn reservoir.

A little bit of background info:

Fifty years ago a town called Capel Celyn was flooded to make way for this reservoir to be built. This meant the compulsory purchase and relocation of all the people of Capel Celyn. This was all due, apparently, to the city of Liverpool’s need for water.

I have looked at some interesting articles on this subject, reading about some of the different opinions and actions that were taken by the locals.

I had chosen this topic because it was a very interesting subject and a fifty year remembrance/anniversary of the village drowning has come and gone (21/10/65). We must learn from the past events and not let this tragedy happen again. To make sure this never happens again Wales should make their own decisions and not be overruled by parliament in London.

I found information by googling the Tryweryn reservoir then used diigo to bookmark information of the web pages that I had wanted to keep for future reference. From the results of the search I had chosen a few articles to read on this topic, only two though were needed for the document that I had to write. The websites I used were – BBC News – and I read both of the documents as I found them very interesting, other websites I scanned and skimmed the information to see whether it was interesting and what I was looking for. The BBC news website on this topic was really easy to use and find information and freely available to read and take notes on.

The parliament archives was a very good source of information because when anything is said or done in parliament a transcript is taken by the Hansard. This makes this document very reliable and accurate to what has been said in parliament.  There were some mind numbingly boring documents from parliament archive, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Some of the things I could really improve on are;

  • the term that I use to search  
  • how I lay out my pages
  • my spelling
  • my grammer

I have really enjoyed reading the interesting information when doing the research. When finding out about Tryweryn reservoir I found it quite interesting reading the different opinions. On this subject I couldn’t find much information on the “for” argument for the reservoir as the “against” comments was hugely supported by the village and its people.

A way that I could improve this document is to have more opinions from both sides of the argument.

I found it hard some of the time to get a relevant search result that was not biased in one way or another. I have had to use alternative search engines to get the desired results that I have wanted to use.

When doing this project I used a Word document and PDF to provide evidence for marking. The changes I made to the document were;

  • I have improved basic word skills
  • Changing to a suitable font size
  • Importing an image into word

When using a pc I was using Google chrome web browser to search for all my information needed. One of the amazing add-ons that chrome has is diigo. It helped out a great deal on the summarising of the web pages and providing evidence to be assessed.

Some of the difficulty I had when using diigo where manly because I am new to diigo. When getting everything organised into the right tags .


I have learned a great deal on how to write a good article by doing this project. I have learnt how to plan and make drafts and how develop my project to my complete article.

When creating this document there was a three stage process; first of all the plan and first draft. This was so I know what I am writing about and the writing stricter that I am going to use. The seconded draft is where I correct the punctuation and errors that I have made. The final draft is everything in the right place and well just spelled correct grammar.

All the changes when writing documents were very necessary as I was going through this process  when finding little mistakes taking them out and becoming grammatically correct.  


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