Review of my PowerPoint presentation

I recently completed a PowerPoint presentation comparing Windows 10 with 2 Linux distributions, these were Linux Mint and Fedora.

I chose this topic because I have an interest in Linux based operating systems, I have always been fascinated with Linux and Unix based operating systems (OS X for example) as alternatives to the incredibly popular Windows.

I used PowerPoint because I felt this was a good way to present the graphs I created in Excel in a concise way, using slides provides a good way to feed short tidbits of information.

I used Linux Mint’s website to acquire information about specifications for that distribution, and Microsoft’s Windows website, these were the best sites to look up any information as they are the official sites.

In regards to copyright, I only used the logos of the operating systems in a descriptive manner, any of my findings did not feature any copyrighted material.

I used Google to look up specific parts of the websites I needed, this made finding the information I needed quickly.

Building the presentation was pretty simple, PowerPoint made creating the structure a simplistic, and Diigo was good to refer too. The only issues I had was creating the spreadsheets in Excel, this is due to only using the software 2-3 times in my life.

I made changes to the drafts such as using the font Helvetica Neue and adding a gradient background to create a more presentable presentation with more attractive font.

If I had more time i would use a more varied set of operating systems, including Ubuntu and Konnpix.

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