Beginning my training.

Hi, my name is Kalum and I had my first day of training at Swansea ITeC on Wednesday. I have always had an interest in IT and general technology and studied IT both in school and in college.
I studied OCR Nationals IT in school and achieved a merit overall, I then went on to study BTEC Level 2 IT, but unfortunately I was not able to finish as I fell ill and missed the examination towards the end of the course.
IT has always been a hobby of mine, and I consider myself to be experienced on computers. I have also learned from playing video games over the years. This gave me basic knowledge of how a computer works from a young age.
I hope to use what I learn at ITeC to go on to having an apprenticeship and eventually a career in the design side of the IT industry, as I enjoy using Photoshop and video editing tools such as Sony Vegas and After Effects. My major ambition is to work on film productions and edit them.

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One Response to Beginning my training.

  1. Leia says:

    Apprenticeships are a good route into all of them – keep an eye on the BBC as well – they’ve taken to apprenticeships in a big way lately.

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