Project Reflection

I have recently submitted a project on the ‘considerations when troubleshooting hardware’. I chose this topic to enhance my own knowledge in hardware and how to troubleshoot it as, in my workplace, software has a higher frequency of requests than hardware.

In the process of completing this project, I used various software applications. One of which is word processing software, I used this to present my article and make it look professional. I also used software named ‘diigo’ in the research aspect of my project, I used this to evidence where I found the information used in the article and to organise all the information I wanted for future reference.

I used various websites to gather my information for the project. One of which was “” this is a college helpdesk. This website’s purpose is to offer guidance on various IT based problems. I chose to use this website as it is from an educational establishment so the information gathered would have to be accurate and reliable.

Another website used was “”. This is a well known forum site that allows IT professionals and enthusiasts to ask questions and provide feedback on a variety of issues. I felt that this website was a good choice as there would be many different viewpoints on how to troubleshoot hardware from IT professionals.

I ensured that I didn’t breach copyright in this project by filtering the search results in Google settings so that only ‘labelled for reuse’ were shown. Evidence for this is shown in my ‘Diigo’.

I found relevant information within each website by scanning through the webpage and finding key words and phrases. I looked at each heading and subheading to filter what was needed and what wasn’t.

In review, there were numerous IT based aspects of the project that went well and according to plan. I felt that ‘Diigo’ was an incredibly useful tool, it aided me with organisation in particular as I was able to highlight certain points of a webpage for later use and include tags to filter through all the information on my page.

The use of word processing software made the implementation of the project far easier than if I had to write it out by hand. It made the project look far more presentable as I could add images and use alignment, italicism etc.

The only difficulty I had whilst using IT in this project is when using ‘Diigo’. Although a brilliant and useful tool, it took a while to get used to it’s workings and functions.

There were a few improvements made from the drafting process to the final project. One of which is the addition of a pie chart showing the percentage of hardware faults in comparison to other faults in my workplace. I felt this gave a real life example of the importance in understanding how to work with and troubleshoot hardware.

Another improvement made was the aesthetic element of the document. I justified the text to look more presentable, as well as making headings and sub-headings bold and italic.

With additional time, I could have added more content to the project. Perhaps through the means of  images and media. A nice touch to finish the document could have been a test to consolidate the methods of troubleshooting into the readers’ mind. This would also have made the project interactive and far more interesting.

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