About me and my role

Hi my name is Nathan, and I have successfully found at place at ePOS Systems and I am ready to get to know the team and the work they specialize in.

I haven’t had much background in IT and haven’t really had a hands on experience either, so this course will help me get a chance to experience IT and all its departments. I did go to college to do a level 2 national diploma in ICT but didn’t really get a feel on the world of work in IT.

I have been working there for just over 4 weeks now and I am getting along great. I have met the team and they are very supporting and friendly. Although I have only been there a month, I have learned a lot of things that are important in the business.

2 of the employees there have done the apprenticeship course just like this and have successfully completed the course. After this I am hoping to stay with the company and widen my knowledge of the IT industry.

I have done this course to expand my knowledge of computers and maybe experience some of the aspects of ICT, and learn some new skills along the way as well.



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