Wheel of strengths

Today we have been looking at strengths, weaknesses and interests. After we had highlighted what skills we have, we went onto Barclays life skills. On there we entered our strengths, interests and personalities onto the wheel of strengths in order for it to determine what job our set of skills are most suited to. This is my results.



An IT support officer advises people on IT solutions and is trained in a variety of software applications. They also monitor and maintain the computer systems and networks of an organisation. The work is as much about understanding how information systems are used, as applying technical knowledge related to computer hardware or software.

  • Human Resources Adviser

    Human resources (HR) advisers develop, advise and implement policies relating to the effective use of personnel within an organisation. They aim to employ the right balance of skilled and experienced staff and provide training and development opportunities to enhance performance.

  • Administrator

    Administrators work in a variety of industries. They support the team and department they work in. Day to day administrative tasks include drafting correspondence, scheduling appointments, providing information to customers and maintaining

I personally do not agree with this because I think of myself as a more active person doing something similar to what a telecommunications technician does. However, both of these roles are within my interest and I would have no problem doing them.







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