Social Engineering

Well, when it comes to Social Engineering it can be a very interesting way to hack into someone else’s bank account with little to no effort. You simply ring up, pretending to be the bank and ask the for your login details with that specific bank and say “We need to confirm that this is your phone number for your bank account. Can you please tell us your login details? If you can’t confirm, we may have to lock your account until we can confirm your authenticity.” That’s sure to get someone panicking and that will likely get them to hand over anything you need within reason. That’s if they aren’t aware of Social Engineering Hackers. Social Engineers rely VERY heavily on human interaction. If you phone someone who knows what a Social Engineer is, and works out what you’re trying to do, your likely just going to get some very bad language thrown in your direction.  Social Engineering also works with Corporate Espionage. When it comes to Social Engineering, you’re going to look far more suspicious walking into a building with everyone wearing a shirt and tie if you go in with a hoodie with the hood up. However, if you were to go into the building with a keycard, clipboard, shirt and tie and make yourself look as smart as possible, you’re likely going to be passed by as another worker or even someone who is important. There was a case where robbers stole a total of 2.1 Million worth of Diamonds, but the strangest thing was they used wheelie bins. That’s right, a group of robbers dressed in HighVisibilty jackets, dressed as binmen, stole all of those diamonds and carted them outside with wheelie bins. No one would have guessed if they had seen them outside that there were diamonds in those bins. It relied heavily on people seeing what they wanted to see. Who’s going to stop a group of bin men and demand to see what’s inside of a bin? Not me, that’s for sure. And that’s exactly what they took advantage of.

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