How I used IT in my teamwork

I used IT for a lot during my employment.

The main bit of IT I used was a bespoke piece of Software created for the company I worked for which dealt with writing up an order sheet with the suppliers name on, the products purchased, the amount it cost, specified delivery date  and to what address. I had to learn how to use it over a week or so and continue to use it over my time at the company. Once the order was ready to send off, I would send it off over the company emailing system with my assigned email address rather than my own personal email address. Sometimes I would receive emails from people on building sites with a product they required in a specific size so I would have to then send this off to a supplier to get a price for it and then write up an order to send it off to the supplier. I used to CC my supervisor and manager into emails I would send off to suppliers to make sure that everyone knew what had been ordered and when it was coming into the company premises so that nobody would get confused.

Another bit of Software at that the company used was to predict the amount of material needed for a job and the time it would take to complete the manufacture of the build. I had some experience with this but not enough to be able to talk about it much.

A big part of effectiveness of the team was communications. Good communications between team members helped me know what needed to be ordered and what date it needed to be delivered.

Whenever I had a problem with an order or a Software issue the team would help me as best as they could, normally we would be able to resolve the issue ourselves but sometimes we needed help from the Software manufacturer which would be reached over the phone and almost every time they would be able to help us resolve the issue.

Rather than just typing up an order sheet I could have typed it out in Word first to spell check it because the piece of software wouldn’t call up  any spelling mistakes so quite a few times I would send off an order with a spelling mistake in, luckily the suppliers didn’t seem to mind this very much.

I think that me including others in on emails helped because it let them know what was happening so there were no surprises.

All together, IT helped me a lot in my job and made the team much more effective.

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