Gaming TED Talk

Today we watched a TED talk by games designer Jane McGonigal. She talked about how we can use gaming to solve real life problems, along with a few examples. These included three of her own games; World Without Oil being one of them.

Here is the link to the website:

Gamification is when one uses gaming tactics or methods to solve real life problems and help complete chores etc. I looked at a range of apps on both mobile and PC and found one called “HabitRPG” to be the best. It allows full character customization as well as an easy to use interface, and rewards for completing tasks or chores you set yourself.

At the moment, I tend to organize my time and motivate myself by just doing tasks I have to do. I find the “Just do it method” works well for me and even though I find these apps to be a useful and interesting method of completing daily tasks, I would not use one. This is because I already find it easy enough to complete tasks that I have to do and motivation is not a concern.

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