My First Blog: Simon Burdall

Simon BurdallHello.

My name is Simon Burdall. Until October late last year I worked as a freelance Sound Recordist specializing in Film and TV, working with the BBC, Pinewood Studios and Fifty One Productions.

My entire life has been pretty much surround my computers and technology, from a young age I enjoyed creating basic websites in Microsoft front-page, from there I started to teach my self basic HTML and CSS. I am currently learning JavaScript and Ruby-on-rails.

I am currently undertaking an IT apprenticeship at Macmillan Publishers, Ltd as part of their IT support team. Where my duties include supporting the day-to-day operations, this can include the installing software, addressing admin problems such as changing passwords, building machines.

What I hope to achieve through this course and the apprenticeship? I would love to take my passion for technology and turn it into a career and through this course I hope to achieve this. To further my knowledge of trouble shooting problems and develop my skills, as costumer communication.

At my current place in time I am not 100% sure what I want to do within IT, but I like I said before I would love to turn my love of technology into a career.

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