Blog Review – presentation on AB Glass

I felt my actual PowerPoint was good and had all the knowledge needed to discuss my role and the company.

When presenting the presentation I didn’t enjoy it as much as others and i’m not really comfortable speaking in front of a group of people. I felt if I had more experience speaking in front of people I would have done better as by the end of the presentation I felt a bit more comfortable. I feel that having to restart the presentation was a bit off putting especially when a few people started laughing.

I agreed with the negatives given about me crossing my arms and looking at the board when I was talking but I was happy with the positives given, especially the speaking loud and clear which I was worried I wouldn’t do.

I thought the three other presentations were good, especially Dan having to speak for 4 minutes which is difficult if you’re not as confident as others. I would probably leave the powerpoint as it is and try and work on the presenting side of things.

Feedback given to others:

Geraint: Positives- Didn’t look at the slides too much, got better as the presentation went on.

Negatives- Needed to take more time when presenting the slides.

Dan: Positives- Told the history of the company, seemed knowledgeable, hierarchy structure was done well, confident when talking.

Negatives- Talked a bit quick but that’s only a negative because he had to talk for a longer time than the rest so needed to take his time.

Josh: Positives- Introduced himself and the company well and also told the background of the company, said what he wants to do in the future within the company and also told us what achievements they got in 2015 and targets for 2016.

Negatives- Was a bit quiet, too much info on the slides.

Overall I thought the PowerPoint I created was good as it gave all required info on the company and my role. I need to improve my presentation skills and learn to talk to the audience and not read the info from the board.

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