Presentation Feedback

  1. Review contribution on use of IT to team activities (How your presentation went including power point & presenting)
    I think my presentation went well. I hit the 4-minute mark which will help towards my ESW, I presented my presentation well. I had various different information about my work place such as history, structure of roles within the office and place of work.
    I used Images from various sites such as Google with a search of Ospreys rugby logo, Our RSS back office site for the report and Google maps for the image of where my work place is based. I also inserted different animations for each slide. I had different slides so I could add images and texts. I used Diigo to help save the pages I needed for my project, this abled me to go back to the same page. I also used Retail Sports Systems know as RSS to get access to a report to show what I do detail while working at the Ospreys, I also used Google Maps to show where I am based while I am at work.
  2. Review feedback from others (Do you agree/disagree? And why?)
    I agree with the feedback I was given by my class mates. I could have spoken slower which would have helped my class mates to understand and take more information on board. I could have spoken louder to ensure everyone could hear me as sometimes I was talking quite during my presentation. I disagreed with the feedback of the different colour slide as I felt it was good to add them in as they were the colours of my work place.
  3. How can you improve?
    I could have improved by adding a slide on to my presentation to explain more about what we sell and more history. I could have spoken slower to ensure I was allowing my class mate to take information in. I think I could have made the report I displayed bigger so my class mates could see it and announced what the biggest selling items were. I could have elaborated more on the report by explain this is what I do on a day to day bases and how it the reports work. when researching I used Ospreys on Google, if I was to do this again I could have searched Ospreys Rugby, this could have displayed more information regarding the Ospreys which I could have used for my project.
  4. Feedback

Callum’s Feedback

I thought Callum did very well with his presentation. He spoke well and loud so everyone could hear him. He spoke about past and upcoming jobs. One negative was he folded his arms while presenting.

Josh’s Feedback

I thought josh’s presentation was very well prepared and presented. He gives history on how the company started, projects for the forthcoming year and achievements from the year before and the year ahead. One negative was he could have spoken a bit louder.

Geraint’s Feedback

I thought Geraint’s presentation went very well. He showed us products his company sell and what roles he had. He also showed us where the different stores were. One negative I think Geraint could have spoken a bit louder.

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