Presentation on ComputaShack

I found out my presentation went well by the other trainees as I received both positive and negative feedback.

I could have made some changes to my presentation such as more information on my job role and what my company does. I was quite confident about standing in front of people (which I am normally freaking out by the time I leave my seat).

My positive feedback was good as reviewed by the trainees such as; I knew what to say and didn’t look at the screen or board to much.

Negative points were; take your time and  describe what my role is in more depth.

The feedback I gave to the other apprentices.

Dan’s Presentation- The positive is he had the right amount of information and did not rush and the negative is not to look at the screen to much and explain various parts in more depth.

Callums’ Presentation- The positive he was confident showing the presentation to others but sadly had two negatives which was talking to fast & constantly looking at the screen.

Josh’s Presentation- The positive is he had explained the presentation very well and displayed images, achievements & targets. The negative is he needs to speak louder and clearer and try to minimize looking at the screen regularly.

I would add some more information to ‘what my role is’ and explain more in depth and clearly.

Overall I was happy with my presentation and will try to improve areas where I had not done as well as I hoped.

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