I think my PowerPoint was very well laid out. I included the history of the business, a team hierarchy, our achievements and targets for the new year. I also think my presentation went quite smoothly.

The feedback I had from others about the PowerPoint was mostly positive which were things like “very well laid out and was easy to read”, “included a lot of information about your role and what you are currently learning to expand your skills further”.

The positive feedback I received about the presentation was comments like “well presented” and “spoke about the history of the business and in depth”.

The negative feedback I received from others about the PowerPoint was comments such as “could have added more slides”.
The negative feedback I received about the presentation was comments like “could have spoke louder” and “try not to look at the notes too much”.

I appreciate all the positive feedback and I agree with the negative feedback because there is always room for improvement and I now know where the improvements are needed for next time I need to do a presentation

I could improve my PowerPoint by adding more slides and maybe going further into detail about what we offer.
I could improve my presentation by speaking louder because a few people could not hear me properly. I could also improve by memorizing and remembering the words on the PowerPoint so I wouldn’t have to look at my notes so much.

This is the feedback I gave to others:



  • He let us know what products his company sell and the costs for each one.
  • He got more confident as the presentation went on.
  • He included the location of his business.


  • Looked at his notes quite frequently.
  • He spoke quite quiet and it was hard to hear him.



  • He was very confident and his speech was clear.
  • Presented very well.
  • Went into detail about his job role and other members of staff.


  • Looked at the board a lot.



  • He was confident.
  • He spoke loud and clear.
  • Knew a lot about the history of his company.
  • Described his and other members roles and responsibilities.
  • He also spoke for a long duration of time.


  • Went quiet when looking at his notes.
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