Conference Project

My project was to make arrangements for my manager to attend a conference in London. I chose this topic to improve my organisation & numeracy skills.

The software I used was Microsoft Word because the layout and formatting are more beneficial than other programs.

The software features I used are pie charts, tables, bold, underline, image uploads and hyperlinks. 

I learnt how to format pie charts and my knowledge with Microsoft Word is quite above an average level.

I got my information from  & These two sites were very easy to use & straight forward to input details to generate a result. I found the information I wanted by the website step by step options e.g. Find the journey- choose- add extras- ticket delivery- your details- payment- conformation. Information was easy to find on the internet as researching this without being able to access websites would have been more time consuming.

I found diigo (on-line book marking tool) very easy to use as well as using annotation & highlighting tools which first was hard but I have gradually got better at it, I can now access these websites without doing another search.

I believe I could have explained the project a little better & presented it in more detail. I think I could have improved the hotel information & the taxi estimate fare with more details.

Before starting the project I planned the content and this helped me to organise the information into a report of my findings.

I completed a few drafts of the project before it was accepted as my final copy, I had to make changes to the;

  • Formatting
  • Layouts
  • Correct wording
  • Removed capital letters where they were not needed
  • Re-sized images and pie chart/tables

Making these changes helped improve the overall look of the document.

From this project if I had more time and skills (reasoning I attend once every two weeks), I would improve the layout, I do think that a few bits could be changed (information layout) to make the overall project look better.

Once I completed the project I had to complete one more task which was to sort & filter 2849 locations to find E16. I demonstrated how to use the sort and filter tool, I learned how to by selecting the top rows, clicking on the sort and filter option and clicked on filter. A little square will come up on each cell in the top row which helped me sort and filter the location down to find E16.


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