ESW Project

My project is about arranging my manager’s business meeting in London. This means finding accommodation and travel prices for him.

I chose this topic as it allowed me to show all the skills I have learnt over the apprenticeship.

The software I used was Microsoft Word as it allows me to layout the document easier than most software.

I used various software features throughout such as changing font styles, using headers, creating pie charts, uploading and rearranging images as well as creating tables.

I had various skills using Microsoft Word before but I’ve definitely learnt more during this project such as how to improve the layout of my documents.

I got my information from the internet. Two websites I used were ( and These two websites made it easier for me to search as the layout on each website was simple and very well set up.  Also both websites have a filter option which means I can find the cheapest price easier or closest hotel the ExCel Centre etc.

I found Diigo easy to use and it definitely made my project easier to complete. The option to save websites to go back to later meant I didn’t have to have many tabs open and made it easier to go through all the information. Also the ability to make a folder which meant they would all be saved in one place and to give the website links a description meant I knew straight away what website I was going back to and why.

At first I found it difficult to find the right way to set up my project which meant I had to spend a bit of time finding the right layout and trying different ways to show the information I had gathered.

In future I would also like to be able to spend less time trying to find the information on the internet and get rid of the unnecessary links I saved on my Diigo account.

Before starting this project I had planned it out beforehand. This helped me a great deal as while going through my project I had notes to help me out and I had quite a lot of information already researched which made it quicker to complete.  In future I would definitely plan out any projects I need to complete beforehand.

I made several changes between my first draft and my final draft.  I made changes to the following;

  • Layout
  • Font size and style
  • Change margin sizes
  • Added a pie chart
  • Added capital letters when needed such as ‘ExCel Centre’


These changes made my project easier to read and also included more information in a smaller space.

If I had more time to complete this project (I only attended Swansea ITeC once a fortnight) I would probably change the way I set out some of the information and probably took more time when creating my table and pie chart.

After completing the project I had to carry out one more task. I had to show that I could use the sort and filter tools in Microsoft Excel. We had to open an already made document composed of thousands of postcodes and locations which I had to whittle down to just one postcode, the ExCel Centre postcode (E16 1XL). I used various filters to complete this such as filtering the Country, City and finally the postcode. I also sorted the Countries in ascending order to make it easier to read. To get to the postcode I had to filter the 2849 postcodes on the document 4 times.

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