Hello World!

Hi there, my namBananaMee is Kim Derrick and I’m an apprentice working for Camping Connect. We are a small business that installs WiFi systems, and also offers support to campsites/leisure parks and hotels. My role is to offer support to those calling in with issues to do with their Camping Connect WiFi by troubleshooting and fixing their problems. I will also be helping with organising our database and sorting through and arranging our client files.

I’ve had a varied amount of life and work experience, ranging from working on amateur film sets with sound equipment to care work with Mentally ill adults.  I’ve also been fortunate enough to be able to volunteer abroad for three months in Bangladesh where I learned a great deal about living and working in a different culture and also I also learned that I am not a huge fan of fish curry (Which so happens to be a staple meal in Bangladesh and I ate it every day). I’ve also walked up Snowdon dressed as a banana for charity, hence the fancy picture.

I’ve previously used computers for a multitude of different reasons, but mostly in recent years I’ve used them for sound and image editing purposes, I’m well versed with Protools and I have an intermediate understanding of AVID.

From this training course I’d like to learn all the required skills needed to become a great support technician and I hope to become fully confident in my role.

In the future I’d like to be healthy and in a steady career in IT, hopefully in some form of management role.

Well, that’s it for me.

Thanks for reading.


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