IT Professional Bodies

I am writing this post to give an insight into the range of IT professional bodies available and the benefits of membership to people working in the IT field.  These companies offer a wide array of opportunities and support for their members; ranging from discounted training schemes to job opportunities and morale support.

One of these professional bodies is BCS. This company is specific to IT professionals and offers an opportunity to become a member which is advantageous in many areas – both to the individual and generally as forums are set up to exchange ideas and concerns between members.

BCS offers a range of qualifications for their members to undertake. There are various qualifications but all under three main areas – IT user qualifications, higher education qualifications and professional certifications.

Another professional body specific to IT is ‘Tech Partnership’. This company has a main objective of  introducing young, talented individuals to IT and raising the standards of graduates working in the field. It also offers employers the chance to find apprentices to hire for their workplace, again fitting in with their ethos of introducing young people into IT.

Sector skills councils also give support to those working in IT. Their aim is to ensure that work being carried out in their respected field (some of which are IT) are meeting acceptable standards. If they are not then support and training can be offered to enhance the individuals skill set and, in turn, raise standards.

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