Today we covered a series of simple topics that didn’t really stretch my intellectual capabilities. That’s not to say it wasn’t enjoyable. It was somewhat tolerable, which makes a huge difference from public education, so I’m happy enough.

We covered fair trade, search engine optimization and top level domain. I did learn a few new tips and tricks for Google, so that’s more than I expected. I’m not claiming they aren’t things I couldn’t have learnt at home, or that they will come in useful, but knowledge is knowledge. I’ll take anything. Put it this way, I’m happy I let the house this morning. That’s a huge feat.

I did make a few personal improvements though. I sorted my own life plan and how I’m going to make it from mediocrity to success. One of my mentors even said I’d be making more than him by the time I’m 21… I’m not someone that feels like they need reassurance, but that was still very nice to hear. My ideal life would involve gaining a following online and being able to write political and philosophical content for a living. But for now though, any law/business/physics firm in Swansea is going to want to close their email account. I’ll be annoying them all until one takes the risk of taking me on. Either that or they take me on purely so I stop ringing them.

That’s probably more suitable for a personal blog.. but oh well, it’s easier to formulate thoughts when they are written down.

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