By the end of this programme I intend to go on to the technical course. In order to do this I need to attend, complete work on time, find a work placement and follow on site rules. As a learner I need to follow certain rules these rules are dress appropriately, arrive on time, contact itec before 10:00am if I can’t attend and to make sure I don’t use my phone at inappropriate times. Some of the facilities provided here are the Cafeteria, Toilets and IT suits. There are several types of support offered here such as careers support-Diane or tutor and other types of support that they can refer to such as emotional support.

Some positive qualities needed for the learning and work place are:

  • Punctuality – Being on time every day.
  • Honesty – Whether the work is completed to the right standard or not.
  • Reliability – Always turning in work on time.

Some positive attitudes needed for the learning place are:

  • Positivity – Always having a can do attitude.
  • Self motivated – Able to complete tasks without being prompted.
  • Good work ethic – Asking if there is any more to be done.

My personal strengths are:

  • Punctuality – On time or early every day.
  • Numeracy – Able to check and correct my/others work.
  • Technically minded – Enjoy taking apart and fixing things.

I feel good about my chances of getting into an apprenticeship and subsequently into a job in the field of IT.

I feel confident when I am working on hardware.

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