Another update.

Today I expanded upon and improved last weeks work. Originally I made a presentation comparing the specifications of two leading mobile phone models. Although I have no interest for topic, it surprisingly wasn’t mind numbingly boring. To improve on this, we took a look at some professional examples from magazines and papers to learn about the techniques used. In terms of the techniques, I didn’t really learn anything new. It’s just basic psychology. Although a lot of them have specific names which I wasn’t aware of before.


I was quite proud of this one to be honest, I achieved the effect I was going for (although to a relatively poor standard.) There wasn’t much information but the task was vague and didn’t specify the detail required. The style I wanted could have been executed far more successfully with more experience, but my Photoshop experience has never really covered this sort of thing. I improvised and it turned out okay.

IMG_2349IMG_2350Revised version.

This is based on one of the examples, so I won’t take credit. It looks far better than the original I made. Making the images at the bottom was a bit fiddly, but I got there in the end. I aimed for a minimalistic version of the mobiles, and it worked out well. This one has far more information than the original, as the article it was based on had a lot more. I tried to make it match. Had the task been more specific, I probably could have achieved something along the lines of this in the first place, but that’s my issue really. I need to be able to achieve this without having context and examples. Next time I will be able to. I guess I learned something.

Note: I had to use Myriad as I couldn’t install my desired font due to admin protection. Myriad is more towards the ‘vile’ end of the spectrum as far as fonts go.

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One Response to Another update.

  1. Leia says:

    Excellent piece of work, well done. You will find that we routinely ask learners to give something their best shot and then give more direct feedback when we know what they can do if they need more guidance. This tends to reflect what happens in the workplace environment more effectively than a set of instructions (I’ve yet to meet a boss who gives those!)

    NB: I’ve got admin as do the other training staff – ask us next time you need it, we’re perfectly happy to install additional copyright-free fonts.

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