‘At least 31 dead’ in Brussels Bombings

According to Belgium’s prime minister, 11 people were killed in the first attack at Brussels airport this morning. It was then reported that a further 20 people died at the second bombing at the Metro. Other sources are claiming that there could be anywhere from 20 to 36 people dead, so the numbers are far from certain.

Almost all sources claim that people in the area heard ‘terror screams’ before the bombs went off, indicating that this executed by Islamic Extremists. Due to the recent arrest of Salah Abdeslam, who was the lead suspect in the Paris attacks, many think the attacks on Belgium may be revenge.

The Belgian federal prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw says that the attacks were ‘likely’ to be suicide bombers, but there is no hard evidence to back this up as of yet.

Potential solutions have already started being provided. Many are blaming the West for their involvement in the East, others are arguing to tighten border control. World leaders are already making announcements are are calling for urgent meetings to discuss ways they can solve the matter.

Map of Brussels showing metro station and airport

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