Brussels Bombings Atrocity

The scene this morning at Brussels Airport

Three explosions took place this morning at 0700 GMT and 0800 GMT. The incidents causing the closure of the Belgium capital Brussels.Two explosions took place at Zaventem Airport in the departure hall.Firefighters report that at least 21 people have died.There are 35 people severely injured. The Belga news agency reported that shots were fired. Shouts in Arabic also took place.The explosions took place near the American Airlines check-in area.The Zaventem Airport is used by 23 million people a year.

The second attack took place at the Maelbeek Metro Station. At least 10 people have been killed. The station is very near the U.S. Embassy and European Union Headquarters.The Belgian broadcaster RTBF  stated that both attacks were carried out by suicide bombers.

The terrorist attack is being linked to the capture four days ago of Salah Abdeslam. He captured after fleeing the Paris attacks which killed 130 people.Belgian intelligence was aware of an imminent attack but didn’t know the location.


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