At the end of the course I aim to achieve a apprenticeship or a job in game design or web design. In order to follow the program I will have to be a good listener and to all instructions I need to do to complete tasks to achieve my goal.

There are good facilities provided in iTeC and they are:

  • Computer rooms – Where all the computers are set up ready to learn.
  • Computers – So you can study and earn the goal you want to achieve.
  • Printers – So you can print out completed work.
  • Technical equipment – if you want to be a IT engineer you could use these tools to learn and to fix problems with a computer.
  • Coffee & water machine.


Whatever your IT requirement, Swansea iTeC will provide you with a quality solution. They could help you with computer training, IT services or consultancy. you can chose from a wide range of options. our approach means that you will have control on what you want to achieve.

Swansea iTeC services are:

  • Customer focused.
  • Business conscious.
  • Bespoke.
  • High quality.
  • Flexible and effective.
  • Innovative.

The positive qualities needed for learning and work are:

  • Adaptability and flexibility.
  • Professionalism and work ethic.
  • Positive attitude and energy.

The positive attitudes needed for learning and work are:

  • Positivity.
  • Self motivated.
  • Good work ethic.

My personal strengths are:

  • Adapting.
  • Understanding.
  • Team-work.
  • Punctuality.

Work I have felt confident about: 

  • PC health checks in itec.
  • Refurbished a house .
  • Plastering level 2 NOCN.
  • Brick laying level 2 NOCN.
  • Carpentry level 2 NOCN.


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