Planning for progression

At the end of this course I hope to have improved my computer skills.For this to be successful I have to attend regularly and participate fully in group work.All assignments will have to be completed.I aware of the code of conduct that I have signed up to.I know the internet has to be used appropriately.Members of staff and fellow learners must be treated with respect.I have been taught health and safety.Bags cannot be placed in walkways.Food can only be eaten in the canteen. The procedure for a fire has been explained to me.The fire assembly points are in the car park in the front and one at the rear.

ITeC  has provided many computer rooms available for learning.There is equipment available if you are interested in computer technical study. Tutors give advice in IT and improving employability.

There are good attributes required for work and study. The ability to work in a team, communicate effectively,politeness and diligence.For study a willingness to learn, responsiveness to tutors and hard work are essential.

I can communicate effectively in person and face to face.I am rarely ill and have not had sick day off in years.I have worked in Administration and Customer Service.

A year ago I took some classes in helping the unemployed and people with learning difficulties. I helped them with numeracy and literacy.I helped them with computer skills after learning some myself.

The time at ITec is also for self improvement.There can be better communication and computer skills.Action plans have been created for improvement.There are monthly meetings to discuss any changes that need to be made.


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