Rocket Science Project

Today in iTeC we had to do a Rocket Science Project. In this Project we have two packs of seeds one pack is red, one pack is blue and one pack has been in space and the other pack haven’t but we do not know which pack has been into space so we will have to see if there are any differences when they grow cause we will be recording all trays so that we can see any changes. We will be recording with Raspberry Pi camera which will be programmed to time-lapse to we can get a good recording on the process of the seeds.

Today we have got old laminated sheets and old milk bottles and cut them into shapes of a labels. We had to cut 200 labels and put them into groups of 25 so because there are going to be 25 seeds per tray. When we cut our labels we had to label them R 1- 100 and B 1- 100 the colours to represent what packet of seeds it came from.

Once we labelled the all we took the trays outside and Started filling them up with soil. We had to fill them up to the top and then bang them on the floor to make it stable. After that we got all the labels ans started Putting them in the trays. Then we got a pencil to make a 2cm hole ready to put the seeds in. After that we had to poor the seeds carefully into our hand because they were very small then carefully dropped them in the hole done by one.

The next thing we done was water all the trays enough to soak all of the soil. After that we took all of the trays in and put them on the workbench right in front of the window so it can get sunlight. Then we pulled out a label from each tray and put them into a cup and mixed them up and picked one at random. Then the 1st label from the tray we picked would be first then the second label would be second and so on.

Finally I stuck a sign saying not to close the blinds cause we wont get sunlight and I stuck the chart up so we can keep records of the progress.

In this experiment I think the space seeds will grow the same as the earth seeds because they are both sealed shut so I wouldn’t think them being in space wouldn’t make a difference.

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