Seeds from Spaaaace

We’ve been dipping into the activities going on on the International Space Station to use in class a while now so I was delighted to find our application for the Rocket Science project had been accepted despite being a small group and not technically a school (No one ever seems to know where Work based Learning fits!)

We spent this morning cutting up and labelling milk bottles, spreading compost into trays and popping the seeds in (with me in a frenzy of anxiety lest we drop them down the cracks – they’re extremely tiny!  We did the actually sowing outdoors to reduce mess and were lucky with the weather.  They trays are now safely back in and spread across what is normally a computer repair workbench beside the window.


Really – they were EXTREMELY small seeds!

I’ve not done a lot of gardening and the seeds I’ve slung in the garden or on herby windowsills I’ve had mixed success with so I’m hoping the sheer number of these will give us some success and/or that the learners are more green fingered than me!

I’m excited to see if there are any difference between the seeds once they grow!  It think it would be most exciting if there weren’t or if, for some reason they actually grew better –  Then we could look forward to salad on our rocket to Mars one day!  Things which I think might happen are that the radiation on the ISS which is more than here might have affected them and they might not grow as well.  I wondered if the microgravity might have influenced how well they ‘know’ which way to grow (How do seeds ‘know’?  Is if gravity or light that let’s them find ‘up’?)  Thinking further I decided that they must get tumbled about uoside down and right way up even in the packet here so the way they are finally planted must affected that not what happened before.  Maybe.

I’m sad that we’re now doing exam-based, not project based, ESWs because this would have been a great piece of number work with the amount of measuring and analysis needed, not to mention the research.

I’d like to share info and pics with other local schools so let us know if you’re around Swansea!

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