Work Experience at Cwm Glas

My first two days at Cwm Glas has been great. The first day I was there I repaired a sticky keyboard for one of the teacher and then on break I met most of the teachers in the staff room.Then I had to transfer a program from documents to the desktop so it would be easier for the kids to use it. After that I another teacher and pupils because some of the computer had problems with the volume, some of the problems were:

  • The volume wire was in the wrong slot
  • Computer volume was down
  • Screen volume was down

The second day at Cwm Glas I put a short cut to Sherston for the kids to use when they have the lesson using Sherston. Then after break I downloaded photos and videos from one of the pupils so they could sort out which ones they wanted to keep. After lunch I assisted Angela with class 8 by helping them with stuff they couldn’t do like:

  • Print
  • Boarder

And any other problems I helped them. I also had to check their work for:

  • Capitals
  • Spelling

And that it makes sense and if I thought it was ready to print ill let them print it.

My next day at Cwm Glas was really good I was set a task to make a video using adobe premier a program I never used before, but at the end of the day i got really into it and learnt what all the stuff does and its really easy.

3rd and 4th of may at Cwm Glas was good I did some video editing and I helped Angela with class 8 I also used serif to make a cover for the picture and information they done about animals and habitats because they were making a booklet.

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