Undertaking Work Placement

Since my time at MAD, I have significantly developed my skills. This being on Adobe and in other areas that I didn’t even think would be affected such as music production and web design. I feel that I have had mainly positive experiences at MAD such as learning more about Adobe studio and music production. A positive experience I have had is helping get the website up and running using WordPress, This was a positive experience due to me learning more about WordPress and gaining skills in the program. The only negative experience I’ve had is turning up late after going to the doctor, I forgot to let MAD know.

I feel that the experience from MAD will help my career in terms of getting onto higher courses, I have already been accepted into college to study Creative Media and am very happy that I chose MAD.

I hope to vastly improve my skills on top of what I have already by time I leave, and eventually hope to become a professional/qualified graphic designer. I hope to build on my placement at MAD and continue to increase my level of work there until I finish. To do this I need to: continue to work on the Adobe suite, practise more with using a camera and the settings, and create a portfolio based on my work.


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