Work placement with you

Skills and interests.

My skills and interests are gaming and game design and i like watching and playing football.

Route to the placement.

To get to Cwm Glas Primary School i would take two buses. The number 12-13 at 7:45 to get to town at 8:05 – 8:10. Then i would catch the 31-32-33 at 8:15 to arrive at Cwm Glas at 8:20-8:25

Appropriate sources.

The I.T manager Angela was the appropriate source to go to.

Desired outcome.

My desired outcome of the placement was to understand how a I.T teacher works and all the stuff they do and learn some of the programs they teach the kids to use.

What did not go well at the placement.

I found it hard sometimes to get up due to lack of sleep because it was to hot which irritated my skin but i have overcome that by using different stuff so it is not that bad anymore.

What I learnt about the job role/ Qualities.

I learnt that you need to be sometimes creative being in the I.T part of the school because Angela had a lot of designing jobs and i helped with one and done some video editing. You also need to be helpful for the kids because they will ask for help a lot. Being the manager of I.T you will be the highest level administrator so you need to control all the files and sometimes they go missing because the kids move them by accident so you need to find it and move it back.

How to build on the work placement experience.

I learnt how to use a video editing program called adobe premier. It was fun to learn and was easy to use and if i done video editing later in life i would definitely use it.




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One Response to Work placement with you

  1. Leia says:

    Really good, well done. To meet the standards for the employability qual you DO need to think of at least one example of something which didn’t go as well. Perhaps something that was harder or you needed extra support with at first?

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