Groups Using Social Media

This blog is going to try and describe why different groups would use social media and identify a risk and a benefit of each. I’ll also be looking to include an explanation of two key components of a user profile on social media sites.

The groups I’m going to be looking at are individuals, organisations and businesses, governments and social.


Benefit; stay in touch with friends and family.

Risk; identity theft is personal information isn’t protected.


Benefit; promote business products and potentially increase sales/productivity.

Risk; any potential poor customer service can be highlighted through social media having a negative impact on the business.


Benefit; keep the public up to date with information, news, legislation and laws.

Risk; in the public domain so any potential behaviour that could be seen as inappropriate or wrong may be scrutinised and discussed on social media. Again this could lead to a negative impact on the government/political parties.

Social Groups

Benefit; promote and advertise a specific topic. For example a new football team could use social media to advertise for the recruitment of new players.

Risk; if the group is quite unknown then it may be hard to increase awareness in the short-term.

Key components of a user profile on social media sites include;

  • The ability to change and personalise their user profile. This includes a profile picture, a small description and maybe your hobbies/interests. This allows people to know who you are before potentially engaging with you over a social network.  
  •  Your privacy settings; it is important to change these setting to give the user the level of protection they require. By adapting your privacy settings it allows the user control of how much information is exposed to the public.



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