Pod-casting; what and why?

Pod-casting is a set of digital media files that are produced in a series; more often than not it’ll be audio but it can also be used in video. Individuals are then able to subscribe to the podcasts while once subscribed their pod-catcher can periodically check for new files to download.

One of the biggest advantages of pod-casting is that it can be very cost-effective. All that’s required to start a podcast is a computer, an internet connection and a microphone. To gauge the correct audience make sure that the correct content is broadcast, while businesses can use podcasts to enhance their customer base.

When pod-casting the pod-caster is in charge of how often they wish to broadcast/the length of the podcast. From the comfort of their own home, the pod-caster can create it, post it, pick the theme, content and the limitations are at the pod-caster’s fingers but it’s important that any information broadcast does not belong to somebody else as it may breach copyright laws.

If a podcast becomes more recognised and popular the pod-caster may be able to make money by offering information or promoting a business/product through their broadcast. If the podcast topic is of a specific niche the audience may pay to hear specific information if it benefits them.

But pod-casters must always be aware of copyright and data-protection.

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