Work placement

Some of the things that have gone well and I have felt good about while I have been in the Cwm Glas placement are:

  • I helped to fix one of the white boards which was having calibration issues.
  • I fixed a laptop which was having optical drive issues.
  • I helped to create covers for the kids work.

Some of the things that didn’t go well were:

  • I did have some incidents of inappropriate language in front of the kids.
  • I did spend a little bit to much time on YouTube near the beginning of my time there.
  • I failed to find the correct problem with one of the laptops so I spend all day trying to fix something that wasn’t broken.

While at the placement I have learnt some things about the job role these things are:

  • You have to stay focused on what your doing.
  • You have to make sure you remember what you will be doing after the thing that you are doing now.
  • It helps to know the names of the people your are working with.

I have learned some things about myself while on this placement these things are:

  • I am very easily distracted especially when I have internet access.
  • When I want to I can do things quickly.
  • I am better at trouble shooting than I had previously thought

To build on this placement I will continue to work on my IT skill especially on the maintenance side. I do plan on continuing to work on my coding, I will be learning Java at some point and I will continue to work on my Bash/command line skills.

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