Distractions in IT

From watching the ‘How better tech could protect us from distraction’ video by Tristan Harris, I realised how much I get distracted by technology and was surprised at some of the facts presented in the video.

I liked the way Trisitan used the slot machine analogy for our mobile phones. Every time we use our phones, we use it like a slot machine.  So every time we scroll through our news feed, we’re playing the slot machine. This is due to the curiosity of our minds to see what we’re going to get.

Did you know it takes us 23 minutes to refocus after being interrupted? Did you know we self interrupt every 3.5 minutes? These are Tristian’s facts that really surprised me.

It was quite a powerful and informative speech. Towards the end of his speech he made me realise how much power us people have. As long as we demand for something as a large group then we can make a change to the world.. obviously to a certain extent. Just like when McDonald’s introduced salads due to a large amount of people requesting them. Same with Walmart, they had to introduce organic food into their supermarkets because that’s what the people wanted.

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