Experience Distractions

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Distractions to productivity do not lessen with experience and indeed become more prevalent as you become a supervisor or manager.

Having a coping strategy from learned techniques is one way of dealing with this.

There are many different techniques, tools or methods that can be used, the best one would be what works for you.

Technology can add to distraction considerably but being controlled in your methods means that using tech to automate or help take away distraction is possible.

Muscle and mental memory allow humans to cope with complex tasks including safety critical jobs like air traffic control.

Driving a car is difficult to begin with because normal driving tactics such as looking where you are going and changing gear can be seen as distractions at first, but once you are trained they are no longer distractions.

Regulation in the IT industry can be seen as a distraction from getting the job done but used and embraced correctly they can prevent distraction from equipment or procedural failures that regulation could have prevented in the first place.

Allowing your data to be used by large tech companies carries risk. The gathering of personal information may lead to machine learning and AI allowing our lives to be streamlined and cut distractions. This may stifle idea sharing and creativity resulting from human curiosity, accidental discovery, collaboration from bumping into someone or some piece of knowledge that may solve your big tech innovation.

Indeed companies design buildings to allow people to bump into each other and share ideas.

Distraction isn’t all bad and by using the right techniques and methods can be used constructively. Experience brings more distraction at different levels but that same experience can lead to better coping strategies.

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